SAFELIFT BZ300 Rated Capacity Indicator System

Posted on: Jul 25, 2014

BZ300 lifting system

SAFELIFT BZ300 RCI (Rated Capacity Indicator)/LMI (Load Moment Indicator) system, a product of Hydraulic Systems (Stoke-on-Trent) Ltd is designed for monitoring and controlling the movement of excavator. The system measures position through angle inclinometer sensors and pressure transducer to guide the operator to stay within a user defined working envelope and come with a user friendly 4.3″ touch-screen advanced system, bright LCD display in custom display housing and enhanced Can-Bus protocol communications. The SAFELIFT BZ300 RCI system is designed and manufactured to BS EN ISO 13849:2008 & 13849-2: 2012 Performance Level D Cat 2. It also complies to Network Rail Standard MLDIR003 and is tested to national and international standards such as BS EN 13000:2010.


Excavator Load Indicator


The SAFELIFT BZ300 system can be configured to 7 different setting:

  • RCI (Double & Triple Articulate Boom)
  • Height
  • Slew
  • RCI+Height
  • RCI+Slew
  • Slew+Height
  • RCI+Slew+Height

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icon_PDF Safelift BZ300 RCI Brochure