Keeping pace with the demands of the construction industry is challenging enough, without having to deal with outdated or non-functioning machinery and equipment.

Speak to us for advice on how to keep your machinery and equipment running smoothly, and enhance them for better performance – providing more flexible, diverse uses in construction projects.

We will gladly service your machinery/equipment at our workshop, or at your location.

Our Services:

  • Diagnostics and Troubleshooting
  • Repairs and Maintenance
  • Installation and Testing
  • Customization of Attachment (i.e. Such as equipping your existing excavator with a hydraulic magnet generator or vibro-hammer )
  • Total Engine Overhauls

 We Specialise in the Following Components:

  • Engine Control Units (ECU)
  • Engine Control Modules (ECM)
  • CPU Tester for Crane Systems
  • Euro 4 and Euro 5 Engines
  • Hydraulic Pumps and Motors

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