Annual Dinner 2015

Posted on: Feb 16, 2015

The Annual Dinner 2015 was held on 11 February 2015 (Wednesday) at Yan Palace Restaurant in Warren Country Club. This year, we change our venue to Warren Country Club instead of Raffles Country Club. Our company held a total of 40 tables to thank all our customers, staffs and suppliers for their constant help and support for the year 2014.

Before the dinner commence, our company also held a fully sponsored Annual Golf 2015 and invite our customers, staffs and supplier who are interested in golf to participate in the competition. Awards and prizes will be presented to the top 3 winner.

As an annual practice, Long Service Award have been issued out during the event to recognize the long service staff for their contribution to the company. The total number of recipient for this year is 4 persons.


Long Service Award   Number
30 YEARS 1
10 YEARS 3


Besides Long Service Award presentation, the dinner also bring fun, joy and laughter to the customers, staffs and suppliers though singing performance, golf award presentation and lucky draw.

Lastly, we wish everyone a Happy Chinese New Year and a prosperous year ahead!


  • photo-1 Staff Group Photo
  • photo-2 10 years Long Service Award Recipient
  • photo-3 10 years Long Service Award Recipient
  • photo-4 10 years Long Service Award Recipient
  • photo-5 30 years Long Service Award Recipient
  • photo-6 Prize Presentation Ceremony
  • photo-8 Golf Award Recipient
  • photo-7 Lucky Draw Winner
  • photo-10 Lucky Draw Winner
  • photo-11 Lucky Draw Winner
  • photo-12 Lucky Draw Winner
  • photo-13 Lucky Draw Winner
  • photo-14 Lucky Draw Winner
  • photo-15 Lucky Draw Winner
  • photo-16 Lucky Draw Winner
  • photo-17 Lucky Draw Winner
  • photo-18 Lucky Draw Winner
  • photo-19 Lucky Draw Winner
  • photo-20 Lucky Draw Winner
  • photo-21 Lucky Draw Winner