JET 4000 AME Data-logger for Jet Grouting

Posted on: Oct 06, 2014

Jet Grouting Datalogger

DAT instruments JET 4000 AME is suitable for installation on Jet grouting technique – injection of cement grout at high pressure, Bi-fluid jet grouting technique – injection of air and cement, and Tri-fluid injection – injection simultaneously air, water and cement. JET 4000 AME allow automatic recognition of rod changing operation, automatic recording suspension, automatic start of the equipment when recording started, automatic stop when reaching required depth and automatic management of step time of rod ascent. The system also consist of data-logger to record/store the parameters and transfer it to computer.

JET 4000 AME is able to measure and record the following parameters (both during drilling and withdrawal rod movement):

  • drill depth (JET DEPTH)
  • feed force (JET FORCE)
  • translation rod speed (JET DEPTH)
  • boring rod rotation torque (JET TORQ)
  • boring rod rotation speed (JET ROT)
  • X and Y mast inclination (JET INCL XY)
  • cement pressure, flow and volume
  • water pressure, flow and volume
  • air pressure
  • rod rise step time
  • injected column length
  • date and time of drilling/jetting and duration
  • soil relative energy
  • input for GPS receiver

SE Global Group has recently installed a set of JET 4000 AME data-logger onto Soilmec SM14 hydraulic drilling rig for Presscrete Engineering Pte Ltd. With a dedicated team of engineers and technicians, we are able to provide comprehensive after sales services, ensuring that customers possess the knowledge to operate the system and providing assistance to customers whenever they encounter an issue.



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