Hirschmann HC2902 Excavator Safe Load Indicator

Posted on: Jul 22, 2015

Hirschmann HC2902 Display

Lifting applications of excavator offer convenient and economical alternatives on job site. However this also generates potential risks. Hirschmann’s HC2902 excavator safe load indicator (SLI) is an ideal solution for protecting people and machine. The system consists of a compact SLI with central.unit and 4.3 inch console integrated, two high accuracy electronic angle sensors and two pressure sensors, both with Can-Bus protocol communications to guarantee the system accuracy within ±5%. The Hirschmann HC2902 SLI system is designed and manufactured to conform to GB-T13331-2005 and ISO 10567:1992

overall display

Main System Components

Operator Console

The SLI display shows the height, radius, angle, maximum load, actual load and percentage loading. It gives out yellow pre-warning light and intermittent audio alarm when the load moment exceeds 90% of the rated moment and red warning light and continuous audio alarm when the load moment reaches 100%

Angle sensors

The SLI system consist of 2 angle sensor, the boom and arm angle sensor. The angle sensors helps to determine the height and radius of the excavator. Under excavation mode, the SLI system can also indicate excavation depth, which gives the operator effective guidance so as to avoid excavating over the depth limit. The SLI system can also define the permissible radius and height of the movement, thus protecting people and machine while maintaining efficiency.

Pressure Sensors

The SLI system consist of 2 pressure sensor to determine the actual load of the lifted load. The pressure sensor can measure up to a range of 400 bar with high accuracy, thus ensuring that the actual load display on the operator console will be accurate.

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