Kcross Kobelco (Kobelco Crane Data Logger)

Posted on: Jun 18, 2014

Kobelco datalogger

Kobelco Kcross (Kobelco Crane Remote Observation Satellite System) is the original manufacturer fitted Data-Logger to be in-cooperated into its Kobelco cranes. With Singapore Ministry of Manpower (MOM) and Land Transport Authority (LTA) currently  holding a pilot trial on fitting construction cranes with data-logger to record critical operational data of cranes and show how many times operators overload their crane, it will be soon before such devices will be made compulsory as a safety requirement.

SE Global Group is proud to be the first in Singapore to install the Kcross system onto our customer’s Kobelco cranes. We have also arranged several meeting with LTA and contractors to present the Kcross system and we are glad to announce that Kobelco crane installed with Kcross system are allowed into the Thomson Line project which is currently pioneering this project.

The main features of the remote crane operation management system include:

  • Records of daily, weekly and monthly lifting and overloading operation
  • GPS system for location management
  • Warning trouble management
  • Safe operating management from operational status
  • information indication or output and maintenance management to promote the safe operation of crane.

With all the main features included in the Kcross system, customers are able to print out  their daily, weekly or monthly load history, track the location of their crane and view maintenance log of their crane online thus providing safe machine operation, maintaining of machine peak performance and optimizing for the highest efficiency.

Kindly contact us today if you are interested to install the original Kcross system into your Kobelco crane!

icon_PDF Kobelco Crane Remote Observation Satellite System