REZONANS Crane Load Indicator With Data Logger

Posted on: Nov 10, 2014

Rezonans Crane Rated Capacity Limiter/Load Moment Indicator

Crane Load Moment Indicator datalogger

The rated capacity indicator system OGM240 series is intended to aid the crane operation by monitoring the load and warning of an approach to an overload and other conditions. The graphical LCD display is easy to calibrate, indicate all key and clearly displays the information and warnings needed for the driver to operate the crane within the parameters of the duty chart. For a fully featured indicator with a range of expansion options the Rezonans OGM240 series is the ideal choice. It has an internal built data-logger with readout and data setup via USB flash disk. The main system includes operator consoles, control module, running line-tensionmeter/force transducers and angle sensors.



Main System Components

Operator Console 

Operating console for external or free-standing installation with back-lit monochrome display. Six buttons keyboard for menu navigation and functions selection. On customer’s demand the rated capacity limiter system might be equipped with graphical multi-colour TFT-display display for representation of data and diagnostic message. It contains a set of standard wire (CAN, LIN, USB), as well as inputs for two video cameras.

Control Module

Controllers was designed for communicating of resistive and inductive loads and converting analog and discrete inputs. It is used in electronic control and rated capacity limiter systems.

Running Line-Tensionmeter/Tension Force Transducer

The Running Line-Tensionmeter/Tension Force Transducer provides measurement of stretching force until 10000 kgf. Used for measurement of force in electronic control systems for construction machinery and rated capacity limiter systems on the lifting machines.

Angle Sensor

Angle sensors measures the angles of slope, elevation or inclination of an item with respect to gravity. The sensors are fully electronic and contains no mechanical moving parts.

Additional System Components

- AC Field Detector - Anti-two block switch (Limit Switch)
- Rotation Transducer - Wind Speed Sensor (anemometers)
- Tilt-meter

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