Crane Data logger System Approved for Funding!

Posted on: Aug 15, 2015

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With an increase in crane accident at the start of the year involving a string of seven crane-related incidents, MOM (Ministry of Manpower) have decided to make it mandatory for all mobile crane to be equipped with data logger device in order to improve crane and lifting practice. The mandatory equipping mobile crane with data logger will be implemented in two phrase,

  • From 1 August 2015, all new mobile cranes registered with MOM will have to be equipped with data loggers; and

  • Existing registered mobile cranes, including those registered before 1 August 2015, have to be retrofitted with data loggers by 1 August 2018.

In order to encourage crane owner to retrofit their existing mobile crane with data logger system, Workplace Safety and Health Council will launch a new co-funding to help companies defray cost of installation of data logger. Data logger funding for crane will cover 50% of the cost of installation or up to $5000 per mobile crane.

In order to be eligible for co funding, mobile crane will have to fulfill conditions set by MOM. Funding of data logger will start from August 2015 and on a first-come-first served basis and will cease on 31 July 2018 or when funds have been fully disbursed. For more information, please refer to the “Factsheet on Implementation of Data logger for Mobile Crane” found in MOM website,

Our company provides three different types of data-logger system: original data logger system for Kobelco cranes (KCROSS) and third party data logger system for other brand/model mobile cranes that require data logger installation, Rezonans RCI system and Hirschmann RCI System. Our data loggers are able to match the requirements of data logger functions proposed by MOM and we our data-loggers are approved by WSHC (Work Safety Health Council) for up to $5000 funding..

Kindly contact us today if you require more information about data logger system. We will be ready to answer all your queries.


icon_PDF WSHC Approved List of Data logger for Mobile Crane